Civil Partnerships

Ending a Civil Partnership?

This information applies to same sex couples who are registered civil partners. Same sex couples who are not civil partners are in the same position as opposite sex unmarried couples who separate. Civil partners have the same options on ending a partnership as married couples: dissolution, informal separation, deed of separation or judicial separation.

The legal situation of civil partners who want to separate is similar to heterosexual married couples wanting a divorce, so you may wish to read our divorce pages for general advice however, there are a few differences:

It is not called divorce, it is called dissolution and the procedure for dissolution is the same as for divorce except that you cannot issue dissolution proceedings in any county court, because not all judges are yet trained to deal with the dissolution of civil partnerships, it should also be noted that you cannot get divorced on the ground of adultery. This is because adultery has a legal definition that requires intercourse between opposite sex partners.

The financial claims of civil partners are no different to the claims of divorcing heterosexual couples although all financial claims are embodied in the Civil Partnership Act 2004.

At Maddison & Morgan we have experience of acting for civil partners. Most cases do not involve attending court either to resolve the dissolution or reach financial settlement. In the majority of cases, agreement is reached and documents are posted to the court. However, if court proceedings are involved, we are able to provide you with expert representation throughout the entire process.

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