Where to find Maddison & Morgan

Loddon Office

  • Maddison & Morgan Solicitors
  • 48 Bridge Street
  • Loddon
  • Norwich
  • Norfolk
  • NR14 6EZ
  • 01508 805580
Loddon Office of Maddison and Morgan solicitors
Maddison & Morgan Solicitors, 48 Bridge Street, Loddon, Norwich, Norfolk, NR14 6EZ

Acle Office

  • Maddison & Morgan Solicitors
  • 01493 778899

Contact Maddison & Morgan

How to contact Maddison & Morgan


We aim to respond to urgent emails that are generally urgent. In the same day, normally by return, however standard correspondence will be categorised on receipt on receipt and deal with as appropriate but generally within two working days, if the email is complex, high volume or requires instructions from a third party.

We will acknowledge your email and let you know what we are doing and how long it will be before we can reply fully to you, some things just take a little longer to source the answer to.

Email Addresses:-

Family Matters - [email protected]

General Enquiries - [email protected]

Complaints and procedural compliance only - [email protected]


Similar to a telephone call but it’s nice to see you too! It can also be helpful if there are things that you want to show us as well as tell us about.

The additional benefit is that as it is accessed by portable technology calls can be arranged to put into work schedules and by prior agreement over weekends and during the evening.

We accept that not all our clients work standard hours and indeed not all are in England when they need or want to call.


If it’s private please keep It that way, but feel free to join our facebook page!

We will post items of general interest and updates but will not give specific legal advice or our person views in relation to your matter on social media. But if you have something you want to share we will “feedback”.

We will also confirm forthcoming dates of events and events of interest that may be of relevance to where you are at this time.

Telephone Conferences

This can be as simple as a pre-arranged telephone call at an allocated slot of time that is agreed and booked into your caseworkers diary, or it could be a three-way telephone call to include your barrister, an expert witness or other person key to your case.

Text Us

If you have an urgent need to contact us, please use the mobile number that you will have been given in your welcome pack.

If you do not get an immediate response please text as messages may take a while to get through. We will text you short pieces of information and reminders.


The traditional favourite, however not so popular as it once was as it tends to be slower than other forms of communication but still has its place.

Home Visits

We are able to offer home visits to our local clients and for clients who have difficulty in accessing our offices.

By arrangement, we are happy to travel to you, particularly if time is at a premium for you or you are unable to come to us.

Round Table Meetings

It may be better to progress your case to have a meeting with your barrister, accountant or expert witness at a round table meeting can be a way to move things on quicker than correspondence can.