Divorce is a procedure by which you bring your marriage to an end. Divorce is never automatic no matter how long you have lived apart. You will always need to apply to the Court for a divorce and to show reasons why you are divorcing. The most common reasons are your partner’s unreasonable behaviour or adultery. You may also be able to divorce on the grounds of separation if you have lived apart for at least two years. In most cases, you will not need to go to Court and your Divorce will be dealt with on paper.

marriage certificate being cut with scissors

The decision to divorce can often be difficult. It can be hard to accept that your marriage has broken down beyond repair and dealing with the Courts can be a challenging experience, in which we can help. We will discuss how the divorce process works and the grounds which you might wish to use. We will arrange all of the paperwork and deal with the Court for you.

We can give you guidance through the process and warn you of any problems that may occur and give you ways in which to go around them. We can deal with most straight forward undefended divorces for a fixed fee.