Although it is not always necessary to take legal steps when you separate from your partner, sometimes it can be useful to do so, especially if there are children or finances involved and this is where our team can help.

We can discuss your situation with you and help you consider whether a Deed of Separation to decide financial matters is necessary to prevent future financial claims against you from a partner, or we can simply just talk your separation through with you and advise you on any queries you may have.

Separation from your partner can be a stressful time and the emotional fall-out is often underestimated. Whilst trying to deal with these emotional challenges, you may also need to make practical arrangements that involve your children as well as decisions with regards to any finances or property that need to be made. In the short term, the immediate financial issues need to be addressed while we consider a longer-term solution.

Our team, as specialists in family law, know the best way to approach any situation that is tailored to you.