Time to think about you...

January 24, 2018

Have some fun…


As you move on in life, letting go of the past is not easy but try to stay positive and build for a better future for yourself. Make your next chapter of life a positive one for you and for those around you.




  • Joining a gym/social group

  • Starting on evening class

  • Getting a hobby

  • Visiting family & friends

  • Re-connect with the ‘old’ you, update facebook/emails and talk to your friends

  • Sort your possessions out and clear the junk

  • Re-utilising your wardrobe

  • Re-style your hair

  • Plan an adventure – big or small

  • Focus on where you want to be and how you will get there

  • Voluntary work/career changes/time out




You cannot change the past, what has happened is now in your personal history it is part of you and what makes you who you are and how you will be. You have done all that you could and all that is legally possible to gain the best outcome for you. However, if you are finding this outcome difficult to accept, you may like to consider the following:


  • Counselling

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Reiki

  • Healing

  • Church

  • Samaritans

  • Local Support Groups


Moving on & new relationships


Starting again can be daunting, you maybe single but you are not alone.Be aware that living with someone is regarded at law completely differently to being married.


Seek advice before you purchase a property with anyone else or invest your money into their home. In most cases your position and money can be safeguarded by a simply drafted, regulated agreement. Know your risks and where or indeed if you risk losing or depleting your financial resources.


You may choose to help your children with their property and may consider “annexe” living

in a jointly owned home, again your input in a legally binding agreement that sets out exactly what Is owned by who.


You have experienced the divorce process, if your child was unfortunate enough to encounter the same and you have advanced them money in exchange use of their home and a right to live there, a deed between you and them and their spouse can assist in the identification of your input and your legal/equitable interest in your home.


Life is complicated enough already but a clear agreement that sets out where everyone is and address the ‘what if’s’ can give you and then peace of mind now and clarity in the future. We all hope that no dispute would arise and agreements reached can also reflect your wishes and feelings for inheritance purposes again, avoiding potential conflict between your children (if you have more than one) in the event of your incapacity, move to nursing care or in the event of your death.


Or alternatively, you may grow happy in your own company, living on your own terms...







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It's nearing that time of the year and it is important that we do not forget our four legged friends! F.A.I.T.H. Animal Rescue are always doing such a great job and that is why we have decided to open up both of our offices in Acle and in Loddon as donation banks for items such as:

Bedding/Newspapers/Litter and Blankets 
Pet Food
Brooms and Buckets 
Animal Treats

Let's give these lovely people a helping hand before Christmas and during these colder, winter months!

✎   48 Bridge Street | Loddon | Norwich | Norfolk | NR14 6EZ

✎   The Street | Acle | Norwich | Norfolk | NR13 3DY

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